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Affordable and professional web site designs with content that is always in tune with your business.

Be ex-static with SilkLink website design. We design and develop websites that can grow with the every-day changes in your business. We include our own easy to use content management solution that enables you to update, add or remove text and images as and when you please. Say goodbye to static pages; say hello to SilkLink updatable content!

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Get webbed by SilkLink for these reasons:

Test Drive the SilkLink Demo Site

Your website is a shop window, attracting existing and potential customers. SilkLink enables you to be the window dresser in your shop.

Our Business Package costs a one-off £299. You get a well designed and developed website with your own unique and free UK domain name, (www.yourname.co.uk), free hosting for your first year, up to six content manageable web pages, a 'Contact Us' and 'Links' page, a front page and further static pages if required. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) principles are provided by design.

Take our demonstration website for a test drive. Our demo is a small part of our Business Package and provides a flavour of how our content management module works.

Our services are scalable. If you want more than our basic Business Package; perhaps an online shop, we have an eCommerce and hosting solution. With this offering, you can manage your online stock, along with other web content such as any promotions and news.

We can add blogs, forums and enhanced content management. We have solutions for most requirements.

Get webbed by SilkLink
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SEO Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is tech-talk for the craft of making sure that the text on your website can be indexed by the top search engines, like Google and Yahoo! Importantly, it is also about getting your site at or near the top of a search results list to drive potential customers to your site.

We design websites with SEO in mind. We put the framework in place to make your site visible and we list your web site with the major search engines. We also advise on the text content of your pages to promote key words and phrases that people might use in a seach site like Google. The rest is down to you, as it is an on-going job for those who are serious about it.

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SilkLink Hosting Services

Website Hosting

We have partnered an award-winning UK web hosting provider for truly scalable solutions, using robust, cost effective technology.

We set up a website hosting account based upon your needs. We manage the account and maintain your website on your behalf. We deal with the technology while you deal with your business.

If you would like us to manage an existing website, take a look at our competitive prices. Each plan comes with a free UK Domain Name (see below), or alternative styles can be added at an extra, yet discounted, price.

Business Planfrom £5 per month - £60 for a one year hosting plan
eCommerce Planfrom £9 per month - £108 for a one year hosting plan
Big Business Planfrom £16 per month - £192 for a one year hosting plan

Get webbed by SilkLink SilkLink Domain Registration

Domain Registration

A domain name is a unique website name. SilkLink is the Domain Name within the web address, www.silklink.co.uk. Our partner web hosting company will provide and maintain a domain name as part of your website hosting plan. We manage this on your behalf.

If you would like to reserve a domain name, we can arrange this for you. The domain name can be transferred to one of our hosting plans, as part of our web design service, when you are ready, at no extra cost.

UK Domains£6 one yearending .co.uk, .org.uk, .me.uk
New Style Domains£10 one yearending .biz, .info, .us, .name
UK Alternatives£60 two yearsending .uk.com, .uk.net, .gb.com, gb.net

If you already have a domain name, you can move it to our hosting service. Please check if your current host provider will levy a charge prior to moving. Some do, but our partner does not!

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Business Marketing

We want your business to succeed. Your website is a great marketing tool that should be used, amongst other things, to hone visitors to your door. We want you to be on top and sustain a competitive advantage, based upon what your business does well.

We are qualified in the art of business management and marketing. We work with you to promote your business as a brand. We place brand management at the heart of your business, which should be apparent on every form of marketing, including your website.

We implement Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) principles into your website design to promote your business on the top search engines. When you get visitors, your website needs to transform visitors into paying customers. We can also work with you to create designs for your literature and non-web advertising.

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Business IT Support & Reporting

We have a wealth of knowledge spanning over many years in the IT industry, supported by a strong business acumen. We are experienced developers of spreadsheets for analysis and reporting, Microsoft Access Applications, Microsoft Word Forms, Templates and much more. We are also experienced in open source software solutions, such as the essential office software package, OpenOffice and the financial package, Turbo Cash. SilkLink Business IT Support We offer bespoke training and support, all of which can be added to our web services.

We look forward to discussing your requirements with you. If you need to find out more or would like to discuss your ideas, please use our Inquiry Form and request a call back at a time that is convenient for you.

Perhaps you would like to compare our services and prices with other providers. We don’t do the hard sale, so if you only want a quote, that is what you will get - in writing. Please use the Inquiry Form and request a quotation.

Get webbed with SilkLink

Get webbed by SilkLink
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